Carlson Gracie Boca Raton isn’t just a safe, clean and fun environment to learn jiu jitsu… It’s a FAMILY!

At Carlson Gracie Boca Raton, we take pride in the fact that our students not only obtain the knowledge they need to progress in the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu – but get to do so in a fun and family-like atmosphere! The instructors are dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill levels learn “The Gentle Art”. Whether you are training for fun, like to compete, as a hobby or just looking for a new way to stay fit, Carlson Gracie Boca Raton could be the best fit for you.

Come in and try any or all of our world class programs for one week FREE. We proudly offer world-renowned instruction in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Gi) and submission grappling (No Gi). We have classes for Kids, Beginners, Intermediates, and Competition as well as courses in self defense and private instruction.

Ours is a wholesome and fun programs are designed for the entire family and for individuals who seek a positive and supportive environment. Our programs include lessons in life skills, anti-bullying, physical fitness, and body control.

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“This is the best kids jiu jitsu program you will ever find anywhere. The coaches are great. If you are anywhere near the east Boca area, come check it out weekdays at 5:30pm.”

5 Star Rated

– Michael McCleary

“You hear time and time again “Jiu jitsu saves my life”. I believe that is because of places like Carlson Gracie Boca. Professor Manny doesn’t just teach martial arts, he teaches sportmanship and humility. If you are looking for something that’s just more then the everyday redundant exercise I highly recommend getting started.”

5 Star Rated

– J. Lopez

“The perfect place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The coaches create a competitive yet safe atmosphere. Multiple adult classes every day to fit any schedule.”

5 Star Rated

– Patrick Donahue

“This school has been my Home for over 2 years and counting now and I couldn’t be any happier year. I’ve learned and grown so much under professor Manny Soares and I continue to grow with my team .I highly recommend Carlson Gracie Boca Raton to anyone looking to get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. OSS!”

5 Star Rated

– Chris M.


Manny Soares Final at Miami Open Spring 2016